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Toe Jam and the Toenail Fairies

Brand Experience

Toe Jam and the Toenail Fairies was concepted by my friend and writer John Nielson. We hooked up with Chicago-based illustrator Michael Mulloney to create the TJ experience.

Targeting 8-12 year olds, Toe Jam and the Toenail Fairies tells the story of four musically gifted Toenail Fairies in their quest to keep their fairy powers in spite of the not-so-nice Tooth Fairy. In addition to the 70+ page book, apparel, trading cards and a web site ripe with a toenail bagging game round out the TJ experience.







Client Quote

“One of my favorite sayings is ‘An idea can turn to dust or gold depending upon the talent that rubs against it.‘ Brian helped turned TJ’s story into gold. His ability to viscerally get into the story, guide and inspire the illustrator and painstakingly art direct every corner of every spread has made Brian a legend on Planet Fungeye and a rock star with kids on Earth.”

John Nielson
Author, Toe Jam and The Toenail Fairies